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Our Program

We are a residential, medically supervised ibogaine drug and alcohol detox program in Cancun Mexico. Our treatment is all-inclusive, and your stay at our facility will typically last for one week (7 days).

Ibogaine is effective for detoxification from opiates/opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol.

However, treatment is individualized according to the level of opioid tolerance. In cases where a patient is heavily dependent upon narcotic analgesics such as Oxycontin, methadone, or heroin; this may affect treatment-duration and make a slightly-longer stay necessary.

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Our Patients:

We accept adults suffering from single or poly-substance abuse disorders. We will not treat underage patients. Ibogaine is an experimental medication for substance-abuse, and should not be considered a first-choice candidate for individuals who have not tried other more conventional methodologies for their substance abuse.

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All inquiries are completely confidential and will be answered with discretion. Your privacy is extremely important to our clinic.

We will request that you allow us to use the information you have provided and any data gathered during your treatment for research purposes. Neither your name, nor any of your personal information will be associated with this data.

You are welcome to opt-out of anonymous data gathering.

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While Ibogaine treatment is the most effective and painless, drug detoxification that currently exists; it is not for everyone. You may not be a good candidate for treatment with Ibogaine if you have an active disease affecting the heart, lung or liver.


Addiction is a brain-based disease. Chronic exposure to drugs of abuse and to alcohol changes the way that the brain functions. It is only by effective medications combined with counseling and support, that the individual can interrupt the vicious self-destructive cycle of abuse and dependence.

Ibogaine is not a "magic bullet," but the results to date strongly suggest that for clients who are ready to change, the treatment is a powerful catalyst for long-term recovery from drug and alcohol dependence.

While Ibogaine cannot -- in and of itself -- completely turn around someone's life, it does provide tremendous hope for people who have been through the revolving door of rehabilitation and detoxification programs and returned to their past pattern of drug abuse.

In short, Ibogaine provides a "window of opportunity." In order to be accepted into our program, the client must have a reasonable post-Ibogaine aftercare plan in place. We encourage you to speak with your doctor, therapist, or counselor and discuss your plans upon return from Cancun, Mexico.

No short-term detoxification program in itself can correct years of substance abuse. We realize that individuals have different strengths and weaknesses, and post-Ibogaine goals. In order to help you make the most of your ibogaine experience, we also provide experienced ibogaine sober-coaches on-site, to assist you in making more effective choices after your detox.

Professional follow-up care is essential.

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