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The different types of Ibogaine

Ibogaine is a natural occurring alkaloid that is generally extracted from Tabernatha Iboga. But there are different alkaloids in the same plant and depends on how you process the same substance.

Whole root powder, this is not effective has no significant amount of ibogaine.

Root Bark powder it has from 1 to 4% of alkaloids and approximately 50% is Ibogaine HCl.

Total Extract after a simple chemical process all the alkaloids are extracted obtaining 15 to 20% of alkaloids and half of that is ibogaine HCl, a particular form of extract received a name of” Indra Extract” and it had 15% alkaloids this famous batch produced in 1981.

Ibogaine HCl, refined root bark with complex pharmaceutical process obtains from 85% up to 98- 99% pure ibogaine HCl. This substance is the one that has all the studies in humans and animals and it is this substance with 98%+ purity that we use in

Semi synthetic Ibogaine HCl obtained from voacanga Africana and after a pharmaceutical process it is turn to Ibogaine HCl and commercialized as Remogen* this containes 99.5% of pure ibogaine HCl.

It is important to know the different substances since each one has diferent onset times, and effects and the doses vary a lot.

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