A safe, comfortable, and clinically
monitored Ibogaine detox program to
treat individuals with addiction to heroin,
oxycodone, hydrocodone, methadone,
cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol.
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Detox Addiction Center Cancun

The Detox Center in Cancun program was designed and optimized by Dr. Alberto Sola, an Emergency Physician who has over a decade of experience safely administering ibogaine. During the last ten years he has personally detoxed over 700 patients with no complications or adverse effects.
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Dr. Alberto Sola was personally trained to safely
and effectively administer ibogaine, to drug
dependent individuals, by Dr. Deborah Mash.

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Why Ibogaine Treatment?

When administered to drug dependent individuals who are addicted to heroin, methadone, cocaine, alcohol, or poly-substance users; a single dose of ibogaine typically achieves the following:

- Complete removal or severe attenuation of the symptoms of withdrawal, allowing painless detoxication.

- Removal of the desire to use drugs for a period of time ranging between roughly 3-8 weeks. The length of time depends on an individual's metabolism and how fast ibogaine is converted to noribogaine (a long-acting metabolite of ibogaine which sticks around in the body and prevents post-acute withdrawal symptoms).

- Patients can experience profound psychological insights into the core of their addictive behaviors. This presents a window of opportunity where individuals can significantly improve their long-term outcome by combining the benefits of ibogaine, with suitable therapy.

Source: http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/ibogaine6.html#six

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Ibogaine Research

Dr. Sola and Dr. Mash Ibogaine Research

Dr. Sola with Dr. Mash at the University of
Miami in her laboratory.

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Our Program

All inclusive, 7 day inpatient, residential program.
We use the highest-quality, 99.5% pure Ibogaine HCl, extracted from Tabernathe iboga.

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Our Staff

Continuous around-the-clock care is provided by Dr. Alberto Sola and Dr. Felipe Malacara
A complete laboratory and cardiac workup is provided prior to detoxification with ibogaine.

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Our Facility

Beautiful Villa on the Beach with all the amenities you'd expect; including swimming pool, air conditioned suites, satellite TV, internet access, housekeeping and personal chef.

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